Bushings isolate and reduce transmitted noise, road shock and vibration. Creating pivot points for suspension components as your vehicle is in motion, they can also provide a smooth ride, assist in correct vehicle tracking and maintain original handling characteristics.


In properly working bushings, the rubber portion should allow the suspension system to twist and move in response to the road. Bushings that are in good condition act as a kind of sponge, absorbing vibration and motion with only minimal transmission to the passenger cabin.


Common bushing types include:

  • Control Arm

    Control arm bushings help maintain the lateral and vertical location of the control arm and the chassis-side mounting point. They usually consist of an outer metal sleeve, a rubber or polyurethane bushing, and an inner metal sleeve.

  • Stabilizer Bar

    Stabilizer bar bushings allow the stabilizer bar to float and react to the movement of your vehicle while in motion. This assists in preventing vehicle roll while cornering.

  • Rack and Pinion

    Rack and pinion mount or steering rack bushings insulate road noise from the cabin of your vehicle and create a firm mounting point for the steering system.

  • Axle

    Axle bushings can be used in both the front and rear of some vehicle suspension configurations to allow the axle to pivot without binding.

When your vehicle is in motion, axial and radial movement of the suspension system, combined with the excess heat generated by vehicle components, may cause bushings to twist and stretch. Constant exposure to road debris, salt and other contaminants also contribute to wear and can lead to hardening, cracking and tearing of the bushing material. When this normal wear is compounded by rough road conditions or by worn or defective shock absorbers, bushing life can be further shortened.


To ensure optimal part life, bushings should be made of quality material and be designed to minimize noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) while retaining factory vehicle handling characteristics.


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