Wheel hub assemblies connect your vehicle’s wheels and rotor to the caliper and allow smooth rotation. They are typically attached to the steering knuckle or rear axle flange/spindle, and depending on the application, they may feature ball or tapered rolling elements.


Designed to minimize friction and support the wheel load , wheel hub assemblies reduce the resistance of your wheels when in contact with the road. They also control wheel positioning, which determines several performance factors, including tire wear, braking control, vehicle stability in both straight lines and turns, and overall vehicle handling.

Wheel hub assemblies may be considered an important part of a vehicle’s ABS, TCS and ESC systems. Based on continuous inputs from the integrated ABS sensor, these control systems ensure safe operation.

Requirements for wheel hub assemblies include:

Precision machining of raceway and flanges

Premium rolling elements (optimized size, finish and material)

High-quality lubricating grease

Durable seal construction and material

Accurate ABS sensor signal and plug

Exact orbital roll forming

Designed as pre-assembled units, wheel hub assemblies feature precision machined rolling elements, seals, mounting flanges and commonly, integrated ABS sensors. They are pre-adjusted and pre-set, so they require no maintenance.

Automotive Applications Use Two Types of Rolling Elements

Ball Bearings/Sphere Shaped Rolling Elements

Double row angular contact wheel bearings work best in light- to medium-duty applications. They have a good capacity to handle radial and axial load, and their compact design saves on weight.

  • Tapered/Cone Shaped Rolling Elements:

    Used for larger vehicles and heavy-duty applications, tapered rolling elements have an excellent capacity to handle radial and axial load. They feature a cup and cone design.

  • Cup and Cone Design:

    This design is used in pairs on front or rear non-driven wheels. Setting the preload is mandatory, and because they don’t have an integrated seal, maintenance is required. Repack with grease periodically.


Although most OEM manufacturers have moved to a unitized Generation 3 design, the vehicle aftermarket has the following versions available.

Third generation wheel hub assemblies can be used on driven or non-driven axles.

Use compact double row ball bearings or tapered rollers which cannot be disassembled

Come as a complete unit with two flanges for securing to the knuckle and brake rotor/wheel

Pre-set bearing clearance

Orbital or roll formed

Pre-greased and maintenance free

May feature an ABS encoder ring

Second generation wheel hub assemblies can be used on driven or non-driven axles.

Use compact double row ball bearings which cannot be disassembled

Feature an additional hub or mounting flange with a rotating inner or outer ring

Pre-greased and maintenance free

May feature an ABS encoder ring

First generation wheel bearings can be used on front and rear axles.

Found on many passenger and light commercial vehicles

Compact double row design which cannot be disassembled

Pre-greased and maintenance free

May feature an ABS encoder ring


What makes our wheel hub assemblies so great? Mevotech gives technicians the edge, by innovating every chassis component. Our engineers focus on making our parts faster and easier to install, and we engineer them to provide a longer service life. Employing punishing durability testing, we validate every new design to ensure you get performance you can trust.


For maximum service life and durability we engineer X-Factor upgrades to keep your vehicle performing longer.

  • Enhanced Cross Sections
    Enhanced Cross Sections

    Additional material is added to the part to improve body stiffness and strength.

  • REPEL-TEK Coatings
    REPEL-TEK Coatings

    Corrosion resistant coatings that prevent the formation of rust for a longer part service life.

  • Higher Grade Hardware
    Higher Grade Hardware

    Hardware provided is made with a high grade and strength.

  • Premium Grease
    Premium Grease

    Ball Joint is provided with premium grease that leads to an improved ball joint life.


To make your installations faster, easier and protect surrounding components, we include handy Labor Savers in the box

  • Premium Grease
    Pre-Applied Thread Lock

    Thread lock is pre-applied on inner tie rods, removing the need of applying it and reducing the time of installing the product​.

  • Pre-Applied Thread Lock
    Additional Hardware

    Application specific mounting hardware are included with the part to complete the installation of the part.

  • Additional Hardware
    In-Box Instructions

    Get instructions, advice and warnings directly from our engineers to help you install our parts.


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