Save Time and Money with our Labor Savers

Make your installation faster and easier with our Labor Saver tools and hardware that are included in the box. Protect surrounding components, reduce bay time and boost your profitability.

  • Bootstaller
    Additional tool provided in the box that can easily install boots without damaging the boot​.
  • Press-Through Boot
    Press-Through Boot
    Boot is designed to enable the ball joint to be installed without removing the boot​.  Saves the technician time and reduces the possibility of damaging the boot during installation.
  • Application-Specific Fitment Analysis
    Application-Specific Fitment Analysis
    Engineering is done specifically for the application to ensure perfect fitment of the part on the vehicle​.
  • Quick Loader Plate
    Quick Loader Plate
    Ball joint attachment fasteners pressed into attachment plate allows the ball joint to be installed with a single tool​.
  • Specialized Tools
    Specialized Tools
    Include specialized application specific installation tools that are not readily available​. Hardened steel socket that technician can use to remove the OEM ball joint and install the TTX ball joint in the steering knuckle.
  • Pre-Applied Thread Lock
    Pre-Applied Thread Lock
    Thread lock is pre-applied on inner tie rods, removing the need of applying it and reducing the time of installing the product​.
  • Additional Hardware
    Additional Hardware
    Application specific mounting hardware are included with the part to complete the installation of the part.
  • Adding Components
    Adding Components
    Part comes with additional ball joints, bushings or brackets pre-assembled to provide a complete solution.
  • Easy Snap Locking Pin
    Easy Snap Locking Pin
    Ensure your ball joint is securely locked with our spring steel locking clip design, nut pre-loaded with fastener adhesive that complies with and exceeds IFI, DIN specifications.
  • Larger/Thicker Housing Flanges
    Larger/Thicker Housing Flanges
    Provides additional strength and stiffness to the ball joint​.  Reduces the likelihood of deformation of the ball joint housing during installation​.  Facilitates the use of a wider range of ball joint installation tools.
  • In-Box Instructions
    In-Box Instructions
    Get instructions, advice and warnings directly from our engineers to help you install our parts.
  • Installation adapter
    Installation adapter
    Prevent your ball joints from being damaged during installation with high-strength alloy steel adapter tools designed for TTX ball joint installation flanges less than ¼” wide​.
  • Anti-Rotation Features
    Anti-Rotation Features
    Parts engineered with anti-rotation features that speed up and give piece of mind during installation.
  • Longer Wrench Flats
    Longer Wrench Flats
    Tie rods designed with longer wrench flats that provide a larger area for using a wrench which eases installation.
  • Integriboot
    Boots designed to come pre-installed onto ball joint saving the time during ball joint installation.
  • Nylon Lock Nuts
    Nylon Lock Nuts
    Nuts with integrated locking feature that removes the need to align nut to install cotter pin, saving time during installation.