What type of grease does Mevotech recommend?

We recommend any grease that complies with the NLGI GC-LB or #2 specification. For more information, please see https://www.nlgi.org.

How much grease should I use when servicing my Mevotech part?

Usually 2-3 pumps from a typical grease gun is adequate when servicing your Mevotech part. A good rule of thumb to follow is, when you see movement in the dust boot, that’s enough.

How often should I service my Mevotech part?

A best practice is that servicing should be performed in conjunction with the vehicle’s engine oil service.

Are Mevotech parts pre-greased out of the box?

Yes. Mevotech parts come pre-greased right out of the box. However, it is best to add a pump or two of grease at the end of installation.

Do Mevotech parts use special torque specification?

No. Mevotech parts are to be installed using the torque specifications outlined in the vehicle manufacturer’s repair manual. Please ensure to always follow the proper repair procedures and specifications outlined by the vehicle manufacturer.

Is replacement hardware available in the event it gets lost or damaged?

Mevotech hardware is not available separately. However, if you contact our technical support line (1-844-572-1304), we can advise you on the size and type of hardware to replace them with.

Are replacement dust boots available in the event they are torn or damaged?

Unfortunately, replacement dust boots are not available separately. If damaged, the entire part must be replaced.

Are Mevotech parts designed to OE specifications?

All Mevotech parts are dimensionally equivalent to the vehicle’s original equipment and designed to meet or exceed OE specifications.

What are Mevotech dust boots made of?

We use a proprietary material in our dust boots that has been meticulously formulated to withstand the harsh environments they work in. Flexibility, strength and heat resistance are just some of the factors we take into consideration.

A Mevotech dust boot looks like its leaking grease. Is this normal?

Most Mevotech dust boots incorporate a one-way grease relief valve. This valve is often located on the side of the dust boot and can be identified as a raised square notch. It is perfectly normal for grease to expel from this valve if the part has been overfilled. However, if grease is escaping through a tear or puncture the part should be replaced.

What are sintered bearings?

Sintered self-lubricating bearings are components we use inside ball joints and tie rod ends. They are responsible for holding the ball sphere in place as it goes through its articulation cycles. Sintered self-lubricating bearings are more durable and have a higher load capacity and heat resistance compared to the polymer bearings used in the vehicle’s original equipment. Our sintered self-lubricating bearings also allow the joint to be serviceable, thus providing an extended service life.

Where are Mevotech parts manufactured?

We manufacture parts in facilities around the world. The country of origin will always be noted on the label affixed to the box.

Is it possible to purchase parts directly from Mevotech?

No. We do not sell directly to the public. However, if you contact our customer service department (1-866-883-7075), we will be able to direct you to a retailer near you.

Where can I find Mevotech’s parts catalog?

Our online catalog can be accessed on our site www.mevotech.com.

Where do I go if I have a technical question?

For all technical inquiries, please call or email our Technical Support Line:

Toll Free: 1-844-572-1304

Email: Email: techsupport@mevotech.com

I bought a Mevotech part online. What is the warranty, and how would I go about making a claim, if needed?

All warranty claims must be made through the original point of purchase. The warranty is passed on to the consumer by the retailer of the product. Please ensure you review the retailer’s warranty policies before purchasing. Mevotech is not able to process warranty claims directly.