Keep your vehicle on the road longer with our X-Factor products.

For maximum durability, service life and performance, we engineer X-Factor upgrades that include bi-metallic technology, superior seals, larger ball studs and enhanced cross sections.

  • PWR-TEK Design
    Upgrade to parts that can withstand extreme loading conditions with high-strength steel and larger bearings that are guaranteed not to deform.
  • Knurled Housing
    Precision engineered ridges for tighter grip between connecting components.
  • Locking Boot
    Boot design permanently fixes boot to housing and creates perfect seal, keeping out contaminants.
  • Quad Sealing System
    Additional lips on boot sealing surfaces prevent contaminants from entering into the boot.
  • Increased Ball Stud Diameter
    Increased sphere diameters improve contact pressure and durability of ball pin.
  • Larger/Thicker Housing Flanges
    Provides additional strength and stiffness to the ball joint​.  Reduces the likelihood of deformation of the ball joint housing during installation​.  Facilitates the use of a wider range of ball joint installation tools.
  • Upgraded Bushing Designs
    Bushings are upgraded with filled in voids and/or additional rubber to improve the durability of the bushing​.
  • Enhanced Cross Sections
    Additional material is added to the part to improve body stiffness and strength.
  • Bi-Metallic Control Arms
    It is the patented technology that we have for implementing a threaded ball joint housing in an Aluminum unitized control arm. This allows the implementation of sintered metal bearings which improve the durability of the ball joint.
  • Bushing Radial Knurling
    Bushing design with knurling on inner sleeve that assists to secure the bushing to the frame.
  • Greaseable Ball Joints
    Ball Joint is serviceable allowing the user to continue to grease the ball joint improving the service life of the ball joint.
  • Sintered Metal Bearings
    Bearings made of a durable sintered powder metal that leads to a longer lasting part.
  • Patented Snap-In Bearing
    Oversized sintered metal bearing with large contact area is engineered to accommodate challenges of a worn knuckle.
  • Self-Sealing Grease Relief
    Grease relief that acts like a one-way valve allowing excess grease to flow out of the boot while preventing contaminants entering the boot.
  • REPEL-TEK Coatings
    Corrosion resistant coatings that prevent the formation of rust for a longer part service life.
  • Integriboot
    Boot is mechanically locked in place by the housing lamination preventing contaminants from entering the boot.
  • Optimized Compression Control (OCC) Design
    Designed to prevent over-compression of bushings during installation which extends the service life of the bushing.
  • Patented Stepped Bearings
    Engineered bearings designed with a recess that prevent flattening of the Belleville spring washer which leads to an increased service life of the ball joint.
  • Anti-Corrosion Coatings
    Corrosion resistant coatings that prevent the formation of rust for a longer part service life.
  • Circlip
    Secure the ball joint with the circlip included to provide supplementary retention for the ball joint housing, locking it into place.
  • Patented Directional Bearing
    Allows for proper implementation of upper bearing on ball joints with larger swing angle in one direction. Addition of upper bearing provides additional contact area and greater pressure distribution for less wear.
  • Higher Grade Hardware
    Hardware provided is made with a high grade and strength.
  • Premium Grease
    Ball Joint is provided with premium grease that leads to an improved ball joint life.
  • Ball Pin Surface Hardening
    Ball Pins are surface hardened to prevent premature wear and improve fatigue life
  • Upgraded Spherical Bushing
    Bushings are upgraded from Rubber to Spherical Bushings.
  • Upgraded Seals
    Get a longer service life with upgraded seal material that provides an increased barrier to water and contaminants.
  • Roll Formed Assemblies
    Increases rigidity and stiffness vs. interference fit design. Holds internal settings more consistently than the press fit design. Reduces load on components and associated part failure. Can limit potential damage and deformation arising from an over torque condition.