In automotive applications, this type of boot can be found on inboard and outboard CV (Constant Velocity) joints and prop shafts. CV boots keep moisture, dirt and other debris particles sealed out, preventing contamination of the internal parts of CV joints. They also keep lubrication sealed in, ensuring maximum part life.

Depending on whether your vehicle uses a rack and pinion or steering box system, inner tie rods may be described as:

  • Rack and Pinion type

    Inner tie rods are mounted to either end of the rack and pinion and provide a pivot point to isolate road conditions from the rack and pinion system. They appear as a threaded rod with an in-line ball joint.

  • Steering box type

    Inner tie rods are mounted to either end of the center link. They appear as a threaded rod with a right-angled ball joint.


What makes our inner tie rods so great? Mevotech gives technicians the edge, by innovating every chassis component. Our engineers focus on making our parts faster and easier to install, and we engineer them to provide a longer service life. Employing punishing durability testing, we validate every new design to ensure you get performance you can trust.


To make your installations faster, easier and protect surrounding components, we include handy Labor Savers in the box.

  • Pre-Applied Thread Lock

    Thread lock is pre-applied on inner tie rods, removing the need of applying it and reducing the time of installing the product​.

  • Pre-Applied Thread Lock
    Additional Hardware

    Application specific mounting hardware are included with the part to complete the installation of the part.

  • Additional Hardware
    Easy Snap Locking Pin

    Ensure your ball joint is securely locked with our spring steel locking clip design, nut pre-loaded with fastener adhesive that complies with and exceeds IFI, DIN specifications.

  • Easy Snap Locking Pin
    Anti-Rotation Features

    Parts engineered with anti-rotation features that speed up and give piece of mind during installation.

  • Anti-Rotation Features
    Longer Wrench Flats

    Tie rods designed with longer wrench flats that provide a larger area for using a wrench which eases installation.


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