In conjunction with a stabilizer bar and stabilizer bushings, stabilizer links reduce your vehicle’s body roll by transferring lateral force to the opposing side during a corner or turn. Typically, one end of the stabilizer link is mounted to the stabilizer bar, while the other is connected to a suspension component on the wheel side.


Stabilizer links are found on the front and rear suspensions of vehicles and may take the form of:

  • Ball Joint Stabilizer Links

    Ball joint stabilizer links consist of either one or two ball stud type joints affixed to a connecting rod, which allows for increased articulation.

  • Bushing Stabilizer Links

    Bushing stabilizer links are constructed from bushings, washers, spacers and nuts.

A stabilizer link connects both the left and right suspensions to the stabilizer bar.

By connecting the left and right suspensions of the vehicle to the stabilizer bar, stabilizer links maintain the wheels at the same height and reduce vehicle body roll.


What makes our stabilizer links so great? Mevotech gives technicians the edge, by innovating chassis components. Our engineers focus on making our parts faster and easier to install, and we engineer them to provide a longer service life. Employing punishing durability testing, we validate every new design to ensure you get performance you can trust.


For maximum service life and durability we engineer X-Factor upgrades to keep your vehicle performing longer.

  • PWR-TEK Design
    PWR-TEK Design

    Upgrade to parts that can withstand extreme loading conditions with high-strength steel and larger bearings that are guaranteed not to deform.

  • Quad Sealing System
    Quad Sealing System

    Additional lips on boot sealing surfaces prevent contaminants from entering into the boot.

  • Increased Ball Stud Diameter
    Increased Ball Stud Diameter

    Increased sphere diameters improve contact pressure and durability of ball pin.

  • Upgraded Bushing Designs
    Upgraded Bushing Designs

    Bushings are upgraded with filled in voids and/or additional rubber to improve the durability of the bushing​.

  • Enhanced Cross Sections
    Enhanced Cross Sections

    Additional material is added to the part to improve body stiffness and strength.

  • Bushing Radial Knurling
    Bushing Radial Knurling

    Bushing design with knurling on inner sleeve that assists to secure the bushing to the frame.

  • Greaseable Ball Joints
    Greaseable Ball Joints

    Ball Joint is serviceable allowing the user to continue to grease the ball joint improving the service life of the ball joint.

  • Sintered Metal Bearings
    Sintered Metal Bearings

    Bearings made of a durable sintered powder metal that leads to a longer lasting part.

  • Self-Sealing Grease Relief
    Self-Sealing Grease Relief

    Grease relief that acts like a one-way valve allowing excess grease to flow out of the boot while preventing contaminants entering the boot.

  • REPEL-TEK Coatings
    REPEL-TEK Coatings

    Corrosion resistant coatings that prevent the formation of rust for a longer part service life.

  • Integriboot

    Boot is mechanically locked in place by the housing lamination preventing contaminants from entering the boot.

  • Optimized Compression Control (OCC) Design
    Optimized Compression Control (OCC) Design

    Designed to prevent over-compression of bushings during installation which extends the service life of the bushing.

  • Patented Stepped Bearings
    Patented Stepped Bearings

    Engineered bearings designed with a recess that prevent flattening of the Belleville spring washer which leads to an increased service life of the ball joint.

  • Anti-Corrosion Coatings
    Anti-Corrosion Coatings

    Corrosion resistant coatings that prevent the formation of rust for a longer part service life.

  • Higher Grade Hardware
    Higher Grade Hardware

    Hardware provided is made with a high grade and strength.

  • Premium Grease
    Premium Grease

    Ball Joint is provided with premium grease that leads to an improved ball joint life.

  • Ball Pin Surface Hardening
    Ball Pin Surface Hardening

    Ball Pins are surface hardened to prevent premature wear and improve fatigue life

  • Upgraded Spherical Bushing
    Upgraded Spherical Bushing

    Bushings are upgraded from Rubber to Spherical Bushings.


To make your installations faster, easier and protect surrounding components, we include handy Labor Savers in the box

  • Upgraded Spherical Bushing
    Additional Hardware

    Application specific mounting hardware are included with the part to complete the installation of the part.

  • Additional Hardware
    In-Box Instructions

    Get instructions, advice and warnings directly from our engineers to help you install our parts.

  • In-Box Instructions
    Anti-Rotation Features

    Parts engineered with anti-rotation features that speed up and give piece of mind during installation.


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