July 2020 | By: Vera Catalfo

TTX: Designed to Keep Your Working Truck on the Road

The more time your vehicle spends in the shop, the less time it spends doing the work you need it to do. That’s why we build our TTX – Terrain Tough Extreme aftermarket parts as a one-time replacement to last for the remainder of your vehicle’s service life. TTX components are built to perform and last. Using innovative and patented technologies, they’re engineered from the ground up to be the strongest, most durable aftermarket option.

Empowered by Engineering

Aftermarket fleet vehicles and heavy duty trucks have already gone the extra mile. Designed to excel in the most demanding operating environments, TTX components are engineered to accommodate changes to your vehicle brought on by excessive wear and aging. We reverse engineer TTX parts, rather than copying OE designs, to identify and eliminate all points of weakness that arise on older working vehicles.

Driven by Innovation

Built with a long list of technological innovations, such as our patented snap-in bearing, directional bearing, stepped bearing and locking boot, TTX has reached new heights in performance and design.

4 Patented and TTX Technologies to Keep Your Vehicle on the Job:

Designed for Consistency and Durability

Unlike other aftermarket companies, we provide part consistency – which means the same superior ball joint design is used on parts throughout your chassis, from stabilizer links to tie rods to control arms. Because the aftermarket isn’t subject to CAFE regulations, TTX parts are built with heavier, tougher materials that are more durable than OE parts.

Engineered in the Lab, Built for the Road

Our design simulation capabilities and in-house validation laboratory mean we can exceed OE standards. We also identify ways to make installations faster and easier, providing Labor Saver™ tools to simplify installations, protect surrounding components and create the ultimate Technician experience. Want to know more? Visit our TTX product offerings!