August 2020 | By: Vera Catalfo

4 Ways Aftermarket Parts Can Make a Technician’s Job Easier

When a customer enters your shop with a chassis problem, they want you to help them get their vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible with parts that will last. While aftermarket parts are usually the go-to for vehicle chassis that have seen a few miles, not all aftermarket parts will get customers on the road fast and provide a long service life.


When it’s time to choose aftermarket chassis parts for your next customer, look for a quality brand that does these 4 things to make your job easier and uphold your reputation for solid repair work:


1) Provides Broad Parts Coverage

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to replace a hard-to-find part. An aftermarket company that has industry-leading parts coverage and a catalogue that spans thousands of vehicles is one you can rely on. Choose a company that doesn’t leave you hanging, but that proactively develops first-to-market parts that make your customers’ vehicles drive better and last longer.

2) Delivers an Excellent Out-of-Box Experience

When you open the part box, wouldn’t you like to see that someone has thought ahead to make your job simpler? There are companies that engineer chassis parts with the Technician’s wants and needs in mind. A few good examples are: pre-assembled parts to save you time; larger and thicker housing flanges for easier installs; longer wrench flats to improve your grip; pre-applied thread lock to save you the hassle and anti-corrosion coatings for a longer part life.

3) Includes the Essential Installation Tools

The best aftermarket brands provide tools and hardware that ensure the installation is done quickly, correctly and avoids damaging surrounding components. A couple of prime examples are our Bootstallers and Installation Adaptors. For boot installations, the Bootstaller is a special seating tool that protects the boot and saves installation time. For non-standard sized ball joints, our Installation Adaptors allow the use of multiple cup adapters making it easier to press in the ball joint.

Another unique tool that can really make your job easier is our Installation Socket. Trying to find the right socket in the middle of a job isn’t the best use of your time. So we include the right sized socket in the box to speed up your install and increase your efficiency in the bay.

4) Provides Dedicated Expert Support

It’s best to avoid aftermarket parts companies that abandon you after the sale is completed. Choose a brand that sees themselves as a partner ready to help when you need them, and understands that your reputation hinges on the success of every installation.

At Mevotech our dedicated team of automotive repair specialists are there to help on our Technical Support line (1-844-572-1304). Available weekdays from from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm EST, these skilled and certified problem solvers are on hand to help you with pre-and post-installation questions. They also work closely with our Design and Engineering team, relaying feedback from Technicians like you to devise new ways to reduce your installation time and make quality products that are easier to use.

Why Your Parts Choices Matter

Look for parts that come with Mevotech’s Labor Saver™ tools,  hardware and coatings to make your life easier and shorten the time spent on the job. Our unrivaled parts coverage, bundled hardware, pre-assembled parts, exclusive installation tools and industry-leading support create the out-of-box experience that keeps Technicians choosing Mevotech.